Dieter Rams, Atelier 3, radio and record player, 1962. Braun, Frankfurt.

An early Rams work for Braun, without Hans Gugelot. This design marks an important shift from the earlier one established by HfG Ulm. Most significant is the substitution of wood for aluminum, the factory paint finish and the introduction of an asymmetrical face of the receiver module. Source:


Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt


Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt

you will somehow
get through the slow days and the busy days and the dull
days and the hateful days and the rare days, all both so delightful
and so disappointing because
we are all so alike and so different
— Charles Bukowski (via alcools)
If you are going to try, go all the way. Otherwise don’t even start. This could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives, jobs. And Maybe your mind. It could mean not eating for three or four days. It could mean freezing on a park bench. It could mean jail. It could mean derision. It could mean mockery, isolation. Isolation is the gift. All others are a test of your endurance. Of how much you really want to do it. And you’ll do it, despite rejection in the worst odds. And it will be better than anything else you can imagine. If you’re going to try, go all the way. There is no other feeling like that. You will be alone with the gods. And the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It’s the only good fight there is. — Charles Bukowski (via saviours)
Baby, I said. I’m a genius but nobody knows it but me. — Charles Bukowski, Factotum  (via wordsnquotes)

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If you will be calm and patient, everything will come to you by itself. — Guanzi 管子, 700 BC (via modernshxmxn)

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I’ll walk where my own nature would be leading: It vexes me to choose another guide.”

- Emily Bronte

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If you’ve ever doubted yourself, walk deep into any forest. Notice how the trees still stand even though they are given no recognition. Walk along any stream. The water still flows, though no one stops to praise it. Watch the stars late at night; they shine without acknowledgment. Humans are just the same. We are made out of the same elements as these beautiful wonders. Always remember your beauty and self worth. 

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